🎙️ From FAD to FAB Diets with Dr Nikita Suresh

"When people say “Diet”, they only mean weight loss, completely disregarding the health aspect. But in reality, what you eat every day is your diet." 

The word 'diet' has come to me in exclusions to a military level to some of my indulgences, rather than of moderation, and a mindful, systematic approach to food consumption. On top of this, I see some crazy regimes being talked about on social media. But do any of those work? Join me, Mayura Rao as I discuss diets - FAD and FAB with with my inspiration of clean eating, Dr Nikita Suresh.

Dr Nikita Suresh is a Freelance Nutritionist and Zumba fitness instructor with experience of over 9 years. With a specialization in weight management, hypothyroidism, PCOs and general health & wellness, she has worked with various companies as a nutrition consultant and received an award for excellence in fitness by Karnataka Women Achievers Awards 2020.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • What is a FAD diet
  • What is diet according to Dr Nikita
  • How to sustain a clean eating routine with no one monitoring us
  • Side effects of FAD diets
  • A sneak peek into Nikita's diet plan 


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