Health Benefits of Tisanes

Not officially teas, tisanes are herbal teas that are caffeine-free and have several health benefits. The flowers, fruits or herbs used for tisanes make them delicious and healthy concoctions that can be sipped throughout the day, guilt-free. Read on to learn all about the health benefits of herbal tea (tisane).

What are tisanes?

  1. Also known as herbal teas, spices, fruits and herbs are used for tisanes.
  2. They do not contain tea leaves, which make them free of caffeine and an ideal drink for any time of the day.
  3. A no-sugar tisane usually comes with the natural sweetness of the fruit ingredients, making them ideal healthy dessert options. Ausum Banana Nut Bread Fruit infusion, for instance, is loaded with flavours of bananas, nuts and vanilla. Its overall fat percentage is a mere 0.22%, whereas a thin slice of banana bread has an average of 160-170 calories.

Which one would you choose?

What are the health benefits of tisane teas?

These vary with the ingredients in the infusion. They prevent energy spikes that are associated with caffeinated drinks. It is proved that certain tisanes can increase your metabolism, and contain medicinal properties. The infusions can help prevent digestive discomfort, reduce fevers and nausea, provide relief for menstrual cramps and even relieve stress. The list of the benefits of
herbal tea (tisane) is endless!

How do you consume them?

You needn’t always consume a tisane hot. Drink it cold, like an iced tea or use it as a mixer for your favourite cocktail. Despite being all-natural and sugarless, it is still sure to satisfy your sweet craving. It will also leave you feeling lighter since it is low in calories. An additional benefit of tisane tea is that it keeps you hydrated – something that is essential when you are on a high-calorie diet. Staying hydrated also keeps you away from unnecessary snacking and prevents

A tisane is as good as dessert in a cup, minus the excess calories and sugar. Choose from our range of teas and tisanes at the Ausum store and have a healthy and guilt-free cuppa!

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