What Herbal Tea is good for Headaches?

It’s the age of stress. Sleepless nights, late evenings at work and high-pressure jobs are all around us. The result? Headaches and migraines. But popping a pill isn’t the right answer to this, though it might be the easy one. Treat them naturally, with herbal teas, for instance. Get better, without suffering the side effects. Let’s elaborate on what herbal tea is good for headaches.

Types of headaches & their cures

Headaches are often generalized, but it is important to point out the exact cause and treat them accordingly.

Stress headaches

These are the most common. They occur when a person is under stress, causing the muscles to get tense around the shoulders, scalp, neck and back. This stiffness can easily be relieved with a cup of either lavender, lemon herbal tea or even chamomile tea. These blends are mild muscle relaxants and provide instant relief. Remember that herbal infusions do not contain caffeine, and that helps as it makes a person less edgy and relaxed.

Herbal tea for Sinus headache

Sinusitis is when your sinus passages become inflamed or congested. This can cause severe headaches and pain around the eyes, nose and cheeks. It is usually caused by infections or colds and is also common during seasonal changes. The ideal ingredient for this is the anti-inflammatory licorice. Ginger and chrysanthemum are also effective in clearing sinus congestion and reduces pain. Try Ausum Petrichor herbal tea for sinus headache- An organic Darjeeling Green Tea blend with licorice, clove, fennel, mint and ginger. Soothing and perfect to detox.

Herbal tea for Migraine relief

Migraines might not always be classified as headaches due to their severity. Migraine patients usually suffer from one-sided headaches accompanied by sweating, nausea and vomiting, making them sensitive to smell and movement. A mild ginger-based tea can provide great relief. Chamomile tea blends have anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety and antispasmodic properties, making them a useful remedy for migraine headaches too. Though we might tell you what herbal tea is good for migraine relief, it is always recommended to check with a doctor even before consuming a blend to ensure that migraine medications don’t react with ingredients in the tea.

Herbal tea for headaches during pregnancy

High intake of caffeine or pain relievers can have severe adverse effects on the baby and the mother. Because of their low caffeine content, the best remedy for headaches during pregnancy is herbal tea. Before consuming any of it, ensure that it has natural ingredients and is chemicals and preservative-free. Consult your doctor before taking it.

Why drink herbal tea? 

Tea hydrates you. Its anti-inflammatory properties help relax your muscle spasms in the case of a headache. Various types of herbal infusions and their ingredients only contribute to soothing or relieving the pain. Even historically, herbs and plant-based treatments were given to patients to cure headaches. Use herbal tea for migraine relief, after understanding the root cause of your headache. If necessary, do it under the guidance of a medical practitioner.

Where can I get herbal tea?

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