How Does Tulsi Help With Anxiety?

Tulsi, also called Holy Basil is a medicinal plant indigenous to India. It is an adaptogenic herb that has been an integral part of Indian & Chinese medicine for thousands of years. It’s often called the ‘elixir of life’ because every part of the plant possesses some therapeutic property.

At Ausum, we’re constantly researching medicinal plants to tackle nagging everyday issues. While looking for a plant with calmative properties, Tulsi stood out as the most effective plant in bringing about a sense of calm. Not the whole plant as we use in our homes but a concentrated dose of Tulsi's active molecules.

Tulsi For Anxiety

Being an adaptogen, Tulsi helps our body & mind manage the effects of stress and anxiety. Its regular consumption promotes calmness & relaxation and improves mood. Tulsi’s anxiety-relieving actives are a tiny portion of the whole plant. With our proprietary process, we successfully extract these actives. As seen in clinical studies conducted with medical professionals, 1000 mg of these actives are a daily must to lower general anxiety, improve memory and cognitive ability.

At Ausum, we focus on effectiveness and not marketing claims, so clinical studies are at the core of our products. To study the effectiveness of Tulsi actives, one randomized placebo-controlled study was conducted. The volunteers were divided into 2 groups - Control & Placebo. The participants in the Control group were given Tulsi's actives and the other, a Placebo - mint leaves. Since stress doesn’t have a biological marker, scientific methods such as Cohen’s Perceived Stress Scale (PSS) and State-Trait Anxiety Scale (STAT) were used to measure the participants’ stress levels. These scales evaluate the current state of stress and anxiety, asking how respondents feel “right now”, using questions that measure subjective feelings of tension, nervousness, worry and apprehension.

Before the Tulsi intervention, the average Perceived Stress Scale (PSS) was ~20, which is considered "high stress and anxiety". High stress is associated with high blood pressure, higher cortisol levels, suppressed immune function and decreased sleep. These are all important risk factors for cardiovascular disease.

After consumption of 1000mg of Tulsi actives, we saw a decline of 20% in perceived stress and anxiety and an increase in feelings of calmness, confidence and security. We fortify these Tulsi actives into 'Calm' to deliver a precise dose of calm to meet your daily needs.

Ausum's ‘Calm’ range is supercharged with proprietary Tulsi actives. Blended with real, natural flowers & herbs, we create delightful, functional beverages that work in an integrated manner with our minds & body. Non-habit-forming with 100% bioavailability unlike synthetic supplements like tablets, capsules and gummies. No side effects.

So go ahead and relish your instant cup of effortless wellness. Buy the ‘Calm’ range here.

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