Hybrid Working: 5 Ways To Manage Stress

After having worked from home during the pandemic, returning back to the office is a big change many people are not ready for. To combat this issue, organizations all across the world have introduced a hybrid model of work. A flexible approach that allows employees to work partly from home and partly from the office.

As we get used to this new way of working, its impact on our mental & physical health cannot be ignored. Health concerns during the hybrid arrangement are on the rise, with 38.2% complaining of frequent headaches, 56.4% of back pain and nearly 52% of sleep disorders (The Hindu, 2020).

As people look for more flexibility in their work arrangements, it turns out that the hybrid model is here to stay. Here are a 5 ways to manage our rising stress levels during this new normal.

  • Set clear boundaries

While flexibility is one of the biggest attractions of a hybrid work model, we still need to establish clear boundaries between work and life for our mental health. These boundaries could include setting up a work station, turning off notifications during meals and switching off from work at the end of the day to get into leisure mode.

  • Schedule breaks

Constant hours of screen time and being burdened with work can take a serious toll on our mental health. Detaching ourselves from our professional life physically (and psychologically) allows our brain and body to relax and come back refreshed. It avoids fatigue and helps with muscle pain and stiffness. If you feel stiff and unable to concentrate due to fatigue, sip on a cup of Ausum to feel refreshed.

  • Nutrition is the key

The temptation to snack is at an all time high while working online. While it’s difficult to curb, we can make certain changes that make our meals & snacks more nutritious. A healthy meal is packed with protein, carbs, fibres and other crucial ingredients that keep us fulfilled and energized to be our most productive selves.

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  • Facilitate open communication

Not meeting our colleagues in person for long periods of time can hamper communication and lead to workplace conflicts. Keeping open lines of communication is a great way to build trust and establish a friendly relationship with the people we work with. When we’re in harmony with the people around us, our mental health is automatically improved.

  • Keep yourself hydrated

A balanced fluid intake keeps our metabolism strong and gives a natural energy boost to our mind and body. Apart from regular water, you can include other healthy fluids in your daily diet like detox water, green smoothies, coconut water, or a cup of Ausum herbal teas.

Ausum Wellness Blog: Hybrid Working - 5 Ways To Manage Stress








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