🎙️ Self Care with Dr Anu Thubagere

"Have you ever taken your car to the mechanic even when no troubles showed up, just to make sure it keeps running smoothly? It’s self-care when we do it for our own bodies. Making sure that you’re putting only the best-quality fuel in your body, just like our car, is the first step towards self-care."

Join me, Mayura Rao, as we discuss the importance of self-care in our daily life. It's taken me a while to understand the importance of having a self-care routine that includes some "Me-Time"! But as I did, my days have become so much better!

Tune in as we discuss what self-care looks like in the present day. Having stayed friends since we first met in kindergarten, Anu & I decided to join forces to build Ausum. Dr Anu has worked extensively in Healthtech and Bio-Engineering with Google X and Caltech with a PhD in Bio-Engineering from Caltech, California. She passionately researches where our current health and wellness machinery fail to serve their purpose and consumer needs. 

In this episode, we discuss:

  • How our morning routine sets the tone for the day
  • How our habits shape our life
  • What self-care looks like in modern day
  • Why is it hard to stick to our routine
  • Why self-care takes a backseat when we're stressed
  • What self-care really means
  • How to maintain a healthy self-care system to keep away from health care


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Until next time, stay Ausum!

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