🎙️ Sugar Cravings with Mariam Begg

We constantly look at food as reward. After a long week, you’re more likely to buy a chocolate fudge, not go to a Yoga class. It feels like an upper in the meanwhile, but after a few hours, it becomes a downer. Our bodies crash and it leads to negative feelings." 

We all have sugar cravings, there's no running away from it. The question is how we can manage it. Join me, Mayura Rao, as we discuss all things sugar with Mariam Begg.

Mariam Begg is a certified health and nutrition coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, New York. Her keen interest in Health and Nutrition has led to a lifetime of learning and researching a more holistic approach to balancing busy urban lifestyles. Her expertise lies in understanding and facilitating the promotion of Primary Health Foods and Holistic Health. ️

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Mariam's carbohydrate addiction
  • Food and mood
  • Hacks to manage sugar cravings
  • Natural sugars and refined sugars
  • How to make ourselves feel good while eating right



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