🎙️ The Art of Staying Fit with Coach Huzefa Talib

“Fitness isn’t about Month 1 to Month 6. It’s a journey that has no end. It is a state of mind that convinces you to do a lot of things that you probably won’t do if you weren’t fit.”
Fitness makes it to the top of my checklist irrespective of the time of the year, whether it's a New Year's resolution, a monthly goal list or when I can't fit into those cute pair of pants I bought 6 months ago. It doesn't come easy to me and I fall off the bandwagon very easily. Join me, Mayura Rao, as I decode the art of staying fit without making it an uphill battle with Coach Huzefa Talib.

Coach Huzefa Talib is a certified strength and conditioning specialist, NSCA, USA. Sportsman from his college days, he loves running cricket. A lesser-known fact about him is that he finished in the top 10 of Mr India 2014!

In this episode, we discuss:

  • What is fitness
  • Why does it matter
  • How to structure our mindset towards fitness
  • How to plan your fitness journey
  • Is it important to set goals in your fitness journey
  • Huzefa's take on diet and nutrition
  • Sleep and fitness


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