What is an Ausum Teabag?

“Accident is the name of the greatest of all inventors.” - Mark Twain

The humble teabag, which might be considered one of the simplest and greatest inventions in our tea obsessed world, was actually invented by accident! It was in 1908 when an American entrepreneur, Thomas Sullivan, decided to sample tea in little bags made of silk to cut down his costs. However, his customers assumed they were to be directly dipped in hot water. This simple packaging idea was then improvised upon by a number of bulk tea producers, who tried the same trick with different materials, right from gauze to cellophane. In the present day, most tea bags are made of either filter paper, cotton muslin or food-grade nylon.

But what was it in this little invention that took the tea industry by storm? Let’s answer the question- “Are tea bags bad for health?”

The Impact

It’s hard to imagine that something as little as a tea bag can have a massive impact on the environment, and you!

Nylon tea bags, though food grade, are still synthetic in nature. They release toxic chemicals when dunked in hot water. Research has shown traces of plastic even in paper teabags. And paper does interfere with taste. You can know more about the harmful effects of teabags here. (insert a link to ‘The difference your tea bag can make’ blog post)

But don’t you worry. We have a perfectly healthy, eco-friendly and biodegradable substitute for you: the corn starch tea bag!

The spirit of Ausum

Ausum is all about bringing you an exciting range of teas and tisanes that pack taste and health together. We also believe in the bigger picture, and our sense of responsibility to our people and our environment. So even the little tea bag comes with a background of research. Minimal waste is at the core of our operations. Because of this, we use 100% biodegradable, non-plastic corn starch tea bags. These teabags are handmade and fully decompose leaving no trace behind!

Compliance with food laws

There are no non-biodegradable sealants or even staple pins that would contribute to waste. Even the tiny staple pin to attach the tag to the string can be dangerous by reacting with the tea, especially when heated in a microwave. It’s made of galvanised iron, which can cause damage to the stomach lining. Swallowing the staple pin by mistake can be dangerous in many other ways. It is due to this that the manufacturing, distribution, sale, storage and importing of stapled tea bags were ordered to be discontinued under Section (15) FSS Act, 2006, by the Food Authority, starting January 2018. Unsafe packaging materials should also not be used, says the Food Authority of India. 

Empowering our workforce

As the environment, we have a responsibility towards our society as well. This is one of the reasons upskilling is at the core of our people proposition. The Ausum manufacturing team is made up of strong, hardworking women who previously used to be domestic labour. Now, entrepreneurs in their own ways, they are breadwinners and role models in their social circles.

They’ve been trained to take control of the manufacturing process. We’re truly Ausum because of them!

Fresh and honest

Honesty and ethics are what we lay our foundations on. Our ingredients are ethically sourced without disturbing the ecosystem. We use fresh, organic, local produce and do not process them artificially. Ausum comes with the promise of no added chemicals, no artificial sweeteners and no harmful effects of teabags. With the use of nitrogen and ozone, our flavoured tea blends are safe and have a long shelf life, without chemical interference. Sustainability being our mantra, we don’t allow convenience to come at a cost to the environment.

So every time you dunk your favourite cornstarch tea bag, all you are tasting is the real goodness of the blend. No lingering taste of chemicals, paper or anything artificial. Completely safe and natural, our organic teas and herbal teas are handcrafted with a strong sense of consciousness and accountability - towards the environment and our consumers. Sit back and indulge in a dash of Ausum, without a second thought. 

So, “Are tea bags bad for you?” Not when you choose responsibly!

To truly indulge in the ‘Get Ausum’ experience, visit the Ausum store and take your pick!

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