🎙️ Women's Health with Sheta Mittal

"If you think of a women's lifecycle, from the age 10 years old when she starts menstruating, she goes through pregnancy and then goes through menopause and ends it at the age of 60, there are 3 distinct life stages that she's going through. In these life stages, there are 40+ distinct health problems that a woman goes through and a man does not. And the solutions for these are only makeshift."

For the longest time, women have been forced to brush aside their health issues, only because there are no proper solutions to them. Join me, Mayura Rao, as we celebrate this International Women’s Day having a special conversation with Sheta Mittal.

Sheta Mittal, Co-founder, AndMe, pioneers in women’s health products. A certified yoga instructor, marathon runner, ex NIKE and Harvard Business School graduate, and as someone who breathes health, at &Me Sheta brings her zeal for understanding the consumer to solve for women’s health. Join us as we discuss some nagging issues that bug women, unravel how women’s health came to the forefront and what still lays ahead of us, uncovered.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Why are there very few solutions for women's health issues
  • How were women's issues addressed before
  • Issues women face in different stages of their lives
  • How to prepare our bodies for our menstrual cycles
  • AndMe's plan for the future


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