An introduction to Ausum tea

We started out with the purpose of creating a storm in a teacup. And now, a few years down the line from then, we’ve lived up to that vision by keeping our infusions as exciting and different as they can be. Our primary aim was to bring together health and taste with wholesome beverages for a mindful experience.

Tea is the second most-consumed drink in the world after water. And this isn’t limited to “chai” alone. We wanted to open up the beautiful world of tea to everyone we know. ‘Ausum’ in Latin is to be “bold” and “daring”. And we strive to be just that. Our blends are not limited to conventional infusions, but intoxicating combinations of fruits, herbs,flowers, spices and a range of botanicals and teas.

Our Story

The story of us

Our mission is to make Ausum an everyday beverage choice. With lifestyle-driven health problems affecting people today, we aim at giving you that sip of calm during an otherwise stressful day, so that you can let loose, relax and make your body thank you for it.

Who says tasty can’t be healthy? We are proof that this is nothing but a misconception. Try some Ausum Tea, and you can be sure that it’s all a myth. We marry great taste and nutrition to create habitual consumption - all with the power of real ingredients for real benefits.

But this habit shouldn’t be a selfish choice. We come with the promise of sustainability, with 100% biodegradable teabags, recyclable bottles, decomposable materials and minimal waste at every stage of the manufacturing process. We care for the environment, and right from honest and ethical sourcing to giving back what we took from the earth - our promise is to reduce our carbon footprint where we can without compromising on the quality and experience of our blends.

Just like the environment, we also need to give back to society. And we believe in the empowerment of women through employment. Our entire manufacturing team at Ausum Tea is made up of unskilled ex-domestic workers who we’ve hired and trained. These women comprise of a majority of our workforce and serve as role models and trend-setters in their families and social circles. They are also trained in basic skills as part of our mission to upskill the crew.

"Each time a woman stands up for herself, she stands up for all women."

- Maya Angelou


Ausum Tea was founded by Mayura Rao, whose previous experience in Consumer Sales and Equipment Manufacturing gave her a deep insight into creating end-to-end products and trading them. She is backed by an almost all-women army, and who, we promise, do not bully the men at work! The entire Ausum crew shares a passion to deliver the best blends to you, without any element of compromise.

An introduction to Ausum tea

Ausum Tea introduces the Self-Care Club - an initiative to spread the magic of brew to the Ausum family across the globe.

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