Stress Relief Made Simple

Everyday food & beverages reimagined with natural, plant-based supplements that are scientifically proven to reduce and remediate the damage made by stress.

Our Journey

Hi, I’m Mayura

Let me begin by asking you this: “Are you stressed about something right now?”

I know what you’re thinking. “Of course! Who isn’t?”

Stress has become a part of our daily lives. We’ve normalized it and we keep ignoring it. I was no different.

A few years ago, I was working on a project that had me on the road for 5 days a week, working 18 hours a day, sleeping very little, eating emotionally and constantly worrying about meeting deadlines. Every time the thought of taking a break and doing something to care for myself came, I pushed it away saying “I don’t have that much time. It can wait. I’ll do it tomorrow.”

Spoiler alert: that ‘tomorrow’ never came.

Want to know more about Stress and know how they affect us?

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Plant-Based Supplements

Humans have co-existed with plants for thousands of years and plant-based remedies are the earliest form of medicine known to us. At Ausum, we extract active molecules from medicinal plants and clinically test for benefits and dosage. Supplements extracted from medicinal plants have proven to provide long lasting benefits with little to adverse effects compared to chemical supplements. They work in an integrated manner with our bodies and help us be our most awesome selves - physically, mentally and spiritually. 

Reimagined Everyday Products

It’s a common notion that stress impacts only our minds. But in reality, it affects all parts of our body, from the brain to the gut. It’s a serious issue that cannot be corrected with generic and untested solutions. To see real results, we need a scientific and validated approach. 

We infuse our proprietary and clinically tested plant-based supplements into everyday products that we love and use. Our journey begins with tea, reimagined in a new avatar, to deliver stress relief solutions in an easy, tasty manner.

Sip on, stress off. It’s that simple.


A single plastic teabag at brewing temperature (95°C) releases approximately 11.6 billion microplastics and 3.1 billion nanoplastics into a single cup of tea. That same plastic teabag stays in the trash for 30-40 years. (Source: BBC)

At Ausum, we strive to deliver products that don’t cause harm. Plant-based supplements are sustainable and create far less waste & ecological damage. While the product is healthy, our packaging needs to be, too! For you and the environment. Sustainability is at the heart of Ausum. Our teabags are made from non-plastic cornstarch that steeps NO microplastics when dunked in hot water. These teabags are 100% natural & biodegradable and decompose in 3-6 months, with no trace! Our product packaging is made from recycled cardboard and doesn’t contain a plastic layer, making it 95% biodegradable and recyclable.

So sip on and breathe easy.


“Behind every strong woman is another strong woman.”

Every day is Women’s Day at Ausum!

Ausum is 95% women-led. Our production team comprises upskilling women striving to fight their circumstances and rise above them, every single day. We train, upskill and empower them, so they can seize every opportunity to grow and thrive. Many of them are the sole breadwinners in their families and serve as role models in their social circles. Each morning, they bring with them bright smiles and extreme pride as they walk into the office. 

We’re truly Ausum because of them!

Proudly Indian

Ausum is 100% Indian. We source our ingredients locally, ethically and directly from small Indian farmers and handcraft all our products in Bangalore. Our wide range of handcrafted, artisanal lifestyle accessories are individually made using sustainable materials. We work with small artisans and craftsmen to add a dash of Ausum to traditional art & craft.

Ausum helps you become your most awesome self with all-natural ingredients wrapped in minimal waste packaging, handcrafted with love.

Meet The Ausum Crew

Meet The Ausum Crew


Cheerful, bubbly and full of life, you wouldn’t realize the lemons she’s dealt with when you look at Harshitha. The boss in the office, her attitude is to rise above it all!

Meet The Ausum Crew


When she moved to Bangalore from her hometown, Chandra had no skills apart from brute force labour. Years later, she’s now uplifted her family of 3 boys by being the single breadwinner!

Meet The Ausum Crew


The youngest in the office, Kusuma works in the day and attends college in the evening to become a CA. Always smiling, she loves studying, working and supporting her family - inspiring all of us through and through.

Meet The Ausum Crew


Plus 60 years of age, Mariyamma is the ray of sunshine in the office. Always smiling, she loves working and contributing financially to support her family, teaching us that age is just a number.  age.

Meet The Ausum Crew


She started her Ausum journey in the production team making tea bags. 5 years later, Nandini now leads the production team, speaks English confidently, processes orders and writes emails.

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