“There is no such thing as ‘away’ when we throw anything away. It must go somewhere.”– Annie Leonard

India’s massive plastic waste in the FMCG sector, reported by a 2021 Minderoo Foundation report stands at 5.58 million tonnes. With the lack of creative packaging solutions that are both, sustainable, affordable and just as reliable as plastic, being a plastic-free business in India is a huge challenge. As a brand, we’re constantly striving to find ways to reduce plastic in our packaging, staying cost-competitive without compromising on quality simultaneously.

Starting with our product, plant-based supplements are natural and unprocessed, making them much more carbon-neutral than synthetic products. While our product is sustainable, the packaging needs to be, too. We ditched the convenient nylon teabag and made the switch to cornstarch teabags. With their pyramid shape, cornstarch teabags steep the most essence in your tea, are 100% plastic-free and biodegrade naturally within 3-6 months.

Apart from one layer of plastic lamination to adhere to food-grade standards, our entire packaging is made from recycled cardboard, making it 95% biodegradable and recyclable. Our R&D team is constantly finding sustainable alternatives to substitute that one bit of plastic from Ausum. Fingers crossed!

Nutrition is a vital part of health & wellness that impacts our day-to-day functioning. With our nutritional regenerative products, we’re creating a pool of consumers who’re choosing to lead their stress-free life with sustainable products, without any extra effort. With our clean products, free of chemicals & preservatives, wrapped in sustainable packaging, we’re helping them be more conscious & awesome, one teacup at a time.

At Ausum, we have a unique set of people who make your products from the scratch. Our manufacturing team is 100% women-led. When they joined Ausum, they had few skills apart from brute manual labour. We’ve upskilled, trained & empowered them to gain more employability skills so they can seize every opportunity to grow and thrive. Many of them are the sole breadwinners in their families and serve as role models in their social circles. 

We’re truly Ausum because of them!

Meet The Ausum Crew


Cheerful, bubbly and full of life, you wouldn’t realize the lemons she’s dealt with when you look at Harshitha. The boss in the office, her attitude is to rise above it all!

Meet The Ausum Crew


When she moved to Bangalore from her hometown, Chandra had no skills apart from brute force labour. Years later, she’s now uplifted her family of 3 boys by being the single breadwinner!

Meet The Ausum Crew


The youngest in the office, Kusuma works in the day and attends college in the evening to become a CA. Always smiling, she loves studying, working and supporting her family - inspiring all of us through and through.

Meet The Ausum Crew


Plus 60 years of age, Mariyamma is the ray of sunshine in the office. Always smiling, she loves working and contributing financially to support her family, teaching us that age is just a number.  age.

Meet The Ausum Crew


She started her Ausum journey in the production team making tea bags. 5 years later, Nandini now leads the production team, speaks English confidently, processes orders and writes emails.