The future is plant-based!

Ausum is powering the next phase of well-being and nutrition with plant-based supplements. Humans have co-existed with plants for thousands of years and plant-based remedies are the earliest form of medicine known to us. They are highly bioavailable, meaning they are easily absorbed & digested and have little to no side effects. They work in an integrated manner with our bodies by helping us heal holistically and be our most awesome selves - physically, mentally and spiritually.

What are medicinal plants?

Medicinal plants are considered rich resources of ingredients which can be used in drug development for the pharmaceutical & healthcare industries. The active element of any medicinal plant is only a portion of the entire plant. By the process of clinical extraction, these medicinally active portions are separated from the fibre of the plant. These actives are then tested in clinical trials for efficacy and precise dosages.

With abundant medicinal and aromatic plant species, well-documented traditional knowledge and long-standing practice of traditional medicine, plant remedies are India’s one-stop solution for nagging lifestyle issues.

World Health Organization (WHO) estimated that 80 per cent of people worldwide rely on herbal medicines for their primary healthcare needs.

Clinically Tested & Validated

At Ausum, we’re constantly researching the effectiveness of medicinal plants to tackle stress-induced nagging lifestyle issues. We’ve partnered with government-accredited clinical labs to scientifically extract and study plant-based actives. Human studies and trials conducted with medical professionals prove Tulsi’s anxiety-relieving actives to be the most potent plant remedy for anxiety relief. We fortify Tulsi’s anxiety-relieving actives into our products to deliver your daily dose of calm.

Plant Supplements: Natural, Effective & Sustainable

Plant supplements, when consumed regularly and paired with a healthy lifestyle, reap maximum & long-lasting benefits. Unlike synthetic supplements, plant supplements exist in a non-crystalline structure, which makes it easier for the body to break them down and absorb them. Synthetic supplements target only visible pain points and treat the symptoms. Plant remedies work by targeting the causing factor behind our daily nagging lifestyle issues and go beyond pain points to help us heal holistically.

So sip on and breathe easy.