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The perfect way to unwind, this tasty herbal tea, infused with the goodness of nature, is here to help you ease into sleep.

  • Destress and unwind.
  • Better quality of sleep.
  • Soothing for your tummy

Net Quantity - 15 Teabags | Net Wt - 45 grams | Each Teabag contains 3 grams

Rs. 455.00





Organic Ginger

Organic Spearmint

Health Benefits

Close to 80% of working Indian professionals were found to be having moderate to severe fatigue (Mukherjee, Shuvankar & Biswas, Suman, 2019)

Fatigue, a state of physical and mental weariness, results from extreme stress. It can affect our ability to focus, can cause disturbed sleep, mental strain and weakened immunity. Chronic or accumulated fatigue can interfere with an individual's daily life.

Vitamin boost from natural fruits helps reduce cortisol and manage the effects of stress. Antioxidants from shrubs are effective in the protection of biological systems against oxidative stress. Promotes healing of the gut and the digestive tract and restores inner balance.

All while being delicious & curbing sugar cravings that arise when we're stressed.

What's so Ausum?

  • Induces calmness
  • Soothing for your tummy
  • Steeps a soothing golden colour
  • Tastes sweet with a kick of spice
  • Safe to consume at any time of the day
  • Bioactive and easily absorbed by the body
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Our go-to starting point? Asking Why.

We're extremely curious people. We can only assume you too are curious when it comes to the world of personal care, and rightfully so. That’s why we insist on addressing the ‘Whys’ you'd need to know before you buy.

Why this format?

Tea is the second most popular drink in the world, after water. For centuries now, sitting down with a cup of tea and sipping it slowly has been known to clear our minds. At Ausum, we make functional teas that play a much bigger role in your healthy diet and help you go stress-free.
Functional teas are not always truly "tea". They are combinations of natural ingredients with superfoods that help the body manage lifestyle issues effectively. The Ausum Collection offers a range of untraditional, vibrant green tea leaves, herbal, spiced, fruity and floral concoctions.
Sip on, stress off. It’s that simple.

Teabag with a Tale

Two of the most popular materials used to create tea bags are nylon and paper.
Nylon is non-biodegradable and takes an average of 30 to 40 years to decompose. When exposed to hot water, can release chemicals that are toxic in nature. Each nylon teabag releases 11.6 bn microplastics in a single tea cup (source: BBC).
Paper teabags are treated with Epichlorohydrin, a chemical that’s also commonly used as a pesticide. Just like synthetics release toxins when in contact with boiling water, so does chemically treated paper.
Made with non-plastic, plant-based corn starch, Ausum teabags are 100% biodegradable. Unlike nylon or paper, no micro-plastics steep into your tea. The bag decomposes within 3-6 months, with no trace!

Brewing Instructions

- Fill your cup with 200- 250 ml of hot water.
- Add teabag and steep for 4-5 minutes.
- Enjoy at any time of the day.
In addition to the calming effects of functional teas, the physical warmth provided by the hot beverage has an emotional appeal. Watching the colours unfurl into the cup and taking in the gentle aroma most certainly has an element of calmness involved.

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