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The perfect way to unwind, this tasty herbal tea, infused with the goodness of nature, is here to help you ease into sleep.

  • Destress and unwind.
  • Better quality of sleep.
  • Soothing for your tummy

Net Quantity - 15 Teabags | Net Wt - 45 grams | Each Teabag contains 3 grams

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Organic Ginger

Organic Ginger

Organic Spearmint

Organic Spearmint


Sleep is one of the most important factors to good health but our fast paced lifestyle tends to take a toll on it the most. But this caffeine free herbal tea is all that you need to fix that! Flavorful & Naturally sweet (100% sugar free!), this cuppa full of vitamins & antioxidants is here for your soul. It also contains Ginger, known to fight allergies and inflammations, so you can sip on and relax, while this natural infusion takes care of your health and boosts your immunity at the same time! Sip on and chill out feel completely relaxed and ready to wind down


Night time wind down routine is crucial for a great night’s sleep and an energetic morning! We carefully created this herbal tea, so you can relax and sleep easy. Organic Spearmint & Fennel bring about delicious sweetness, while Ginger adds on that much needed warmth and this blended with Apples & Oranges brings about the fruity and well balanced flavor of this tea.

Why compromise on taste for health?

Simply make it AUSUM and have the best of both!

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Tea Bag with A Tale

Crafted using non-plastic corn starch, our teabags are 100% biodegradable. Unlike nylon or paper, no micro-plastics steep into your tea from our teabags. The bag decomposes within 3-6 months and returns to nature, with no trace! Our teabags are handcrafted by enterprising women who are up-skilling themselves for a better livelihood. Each teabag is a tale of the person who has played a role in bringing a dash of Ausum to your cup, with love.

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Fennel! Fennel! Fennel!

I was hunting for fennel tea and this Ausum got it in the perfect pack. It had the real ingredients of Fennel and spearmint! I'm sold for life. Hey Ausum, please introduce refill packs.

India India

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