Blue Ceramic Mug - Handcrafted Ceramic Mug

Rs. 900.00 Rs. 1,200.00

Take a break from your busy day for some self-care. An original Ausum design, this handcrafted mug is perfect for making daily tea time special and makes for a heartfelt gift, too. The ergonomically placed side slit holds your teabag in place as the flavours and colours unfurl in the water within. Handcrafted, elegant and stylish - the Ausum mug adds a dash of calm to your beverage experience, any time of the day. Sip on to your heart’s content.

Caution: FRAGILE - Breaks easily. Use mild detergent and soft sponges to clean, or wash in a dishwasher. 


  • Made from glazed ceramic
  • Your perfect beverage companion
  • Safe for hot & cold beverages
  • Microwave & dishwasher safe
  • Handcrafted | Sustainable | Eco-friendly
    Rs. 900.00

    Ask us why

    What is studio pottery?

    Handmade or studio pottery is about creating unique masterpieces. They are perfectly imperfect. No two pieces are alike so your studio pottery piece is unique and has the maker’s original stamp of creativity on it.

    What is the mug made of?

    Clay is the base for all studio pottery. The clay is placed on a turning wheel to mould it into the desired shape. A very distinguished characteristic of wheel-thrown pottery is the lines created while wheel-throwing. It is like a sculpture, entirely made by hands.

    How can I wash the mug?

    You can use mild detergent and soft sponges to clean the mug or wash in a dishwasher.

    What is the slit for?

    The slit is made to hold your teabag in place while your tea steeps to its perfect state.

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