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Your favourite, vibrant blue tea-tonic now comes with a dash of aromatherapy. Yes, we combined the brain-boosting blue pea flower with the refreshing lavender and soothing rose. Relish on each sip of this flowery goodness for instant stress relief and a boost of brainpower.

  • Power of flowers
  • Instant stress relief
  • Brain tonic

    Net Quantity - 15 Teabags | Net Wt - 45 grams | Each Teabag contains 3 grams

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    Organic Blue Pea

    Organic Blue Pea

    Organic Lavender

    Organic Lavender

    Organic Rose

    Organic Rose


    Perfect to power your mornings, mid-day and evenings, this herbal tea is calm in a cup. The Exotic Butterfly Pea flower is known for its vibrant blue colour & memory-enhancing and brain boosting properties. Lavender is naturally soothing, therapeutic and works wonders for your stressed out soul. By limiting the action of the stress hormone, lavender promotes relaxation and sleep. Rose, with its aroma and gently sweet notes is an excellent digestive. Along with a delicate texture, rose brings metabolism-enhancing and relaxing properties to your everyday beverage.


    Imagine a calm evening of relaxing on your armchair, winding down after a long day of work. Each sip of this floral blend helps you experience just that, along with the lingering memories of a soothing aromatherapy massage. Floral & sweet, this fragrant blend soothes your senses of smell and taste at once. With each sip, experience the gentle earthy tones of the Blue Pea Flower and the delicate essence of Lavender and Rose. Naturally steeps a vibrant blue colour.

    Why compromise on taste for health?

    Simply make it AUSUM and have the best of both!

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    Tea Bag with A Tale

    Crafted using non-plastic corn starch, our teabags are 100% biodegradable. Unlike nylon or paper, no micro-plastics steep into your tea from our teabags. The bag decomposes within 3-6 months and returns to nature, with no trace! Our teabags are handcrafted by enterprising women who are up-skilling themselves for a better livelihood. Each teabag is a tale of the person who has played a role in bringing a dash of Ausum to your cup, with love.

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    Review of the product

    Feels very refreshing. Just completed my pack of Lemon, star Anise. Would like to task original flavour also. Will be placing my order next week.

    kiriti m.
    India India

    Superb herbal drink!

    The packaging is very nice. Its very nice of them to give a free sample tea bag. The flavor of tea is on the sweeter side and the aroma is very refreshing. A big thumbs up.

    India India

    Amazing flavor and Fragrance

    Just loved the flavor and the fragrance. It's so calming and soothing. And the color jusy looks so Amazing.


    Ah so soothing

    Best stress tea I have had in ages. Love the smell and colour. Taste is just soooo nice

    India India

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