Handcrafted Ceramic Magnet

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Rs. 270 Rs. 300 (10% off)
Rs. 270 Rs. 300 (10% off)

What's a better gift than something that reminds them every day that they're 'Ausum'! The Ausum handcrafted magnet is an ideal and thoughtful gift for yourself and your loved ones.

Your fridge door, a magnetic board or any other place you decide to place it on, this soothing blue magnet adorns all magnetic surfaces. Perfect for holding photos, notes, shopping lists, or as a part of home décor. Add a dash of Ausum to your house with this uniquely formed and hand-glazed ceramic magnet.

Caution: FRAGILE - Breaks easily

  • Made from glazed ceramic
  • The perfect companion for your fridge door
  • Packed in sustainable, minimal waste packaging
  • Handcrafted | Sustainable | Eco-friendly

How is the magnet made?


Clay is the base for all studio pottery. The clay is spread evenly on a flat surface and moulds are used to cut the desired shape of a snowflake. The Ausum logo is then stamped onto the magnet.


All pieces of the set are dried completely before firing for the first time, called bisque firing. The colour of the clay determines the colour of the fired piece. The magnets are made in small batches with attention given to every piece to ensure a perfect outcome.


Glazing is a skill in itself and is an ultimate challenge for the potter. The bisque-fired pieces are glazed by dipping them in the liquid glazes. Glaze to pottery is like icing on a cake.

Ask us why

What is studio pottery?

Handmade or studio pottery is about creating unique masterpieces. They are perfectly imperfect. No two pieces are alike so your studio pottery piece is unique and has the maker’s original stamp of creativity on it.

What is the magnet made of?

Clay is the base for all studio pottery. The clay is placed on a turning wheel to mould it into the desired shape. A very distinguished characteristic of wheel-thrown pottery is the lines created while wheel-throwing. A slit is placed on the side to hold the teabag in place.

What do I do if it gets dirty?

You can wipe it clean with a damp cloth. Please be careful as the magnet is fragile and can break easily.

Is this magnet handcrafted?

Yes, it's handmade by potter Shubha R from 'Craft So Sublime' using locally sourced and sustainable material.

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